Relationships Australia's quick survey

Relationships Australia offers a wide range of relationship support services across Australia. The survey questions are based on issues raised by people who use our services, or are otherwise likely to be of interest to them.

We are putting these questions to you so that:

  • We can get a better understanding of your views; and
  • You can get a sense of what other people think about an issue.


Q1: Have you ever kept animals as pets?
Q2: What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of owning a pet?
Q3: Do you enjoy spending time with animals?
Q4: Do you think that spending time with animals is useful as therapy?
Q5: Would you like to see therapy animals in places where people access health, legal and community services?
Q6: Do you think it is fair for an animal to be used as part of a person’s mental or physical health treatment or support?

Privacy Statement

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  • a new survey starts

Email addresses are stored separately from the survey data that is collected and cannot be traced back to what was submitted.

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