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Relationships Australia offers a wide range of relationship support services across Australia. The survey questions are based on issues raised by people who use our services, or are otherwise likely to be of interest to them.

We are putting these questions to you so that:

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  • You can get a sense of what other people think about an issue.


Corporal punishment is the intentional infliction of pain on the body for the purposes of correction, control or discipline. Examples include spanking, slapping, punching, hitting with objects, pinching, and forcing to stand for long periods of time.

Q1: Were you smacked/corporally punished as a child?
Q2: Do you/have you smacked/corporally punished your own children?
Q3: Do you think it is reasonable to use an instrument such as a wooden spoon to smack/corporally punish a child?
Q4: Who do you think is MOST reliable when it comes to giving advice on disciplining kids?
Q5: Do you think men and women are justified in occasionally giving each other a smack during an argument?
Q6: Would you support a ban on all corporal punishment in the home if it meant that parents who occasionally smacked their children would not be prosecuted?

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