Relationships Australia's quick survey

Relationships Australia offers a wide range of relationship support services across Australia. The survey questions are based on issues raised by people who use our services, or are otherwise likely to be of interest to them.

We are putting these questions to you so that:

  • We can get a better understanding of your views; and
  • You can get a sense of what other people think about an issue.


The Government has directed the Australian Law Reform Commission to conduct the first comprehensive review into Australia's family law system. The following questions relate to including the perspectives of children in family dispute resolution and the courts.

Q1: Do you believe that children should have a right to express their own views and opinions in family disputes?
Q2: Do you believe that children should directly participate in mediation or other forms of ‘out of court’ family dispute resolution?
Q3: Do you believe that children should directly participate in Family Law Court proceedings?
Q4: At what age do you think is most appropriate for children’s views/opinions to be validly taken into account in resolving family disputes?
Q5: What do you think the minimum qualifications and skills of people working with children during family disputes should be?

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