Relationships Australia's quick survey

Relationships Australia offers a wide range of relationship support services across Australia. The survey questions are based on issues raised by people who use our services, or are otherwise likely to be of interest to them.

We are putting these questions to you so that:

  • We can get a better understanding of your views; and
  • You can get a sense of what other people think about an issue.


Q1: Have you ever considered donating your organs and tissues?
Q2: How comfortable are you talking about organ and tissue donation?
Q3: If you are thinking about donating your organs and tissues, have you discussed your wishes with your family?
Q4: If you are thinking about donating your organs and tissues, how confident are you that your family will follow your wishes after you die?
Q5: When it comes to organ and tissue donation, how confident are you that you know the wishes of your family members?
Q6: If you were thinking of donating your organs and tissues, where would you get more information and support from?

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